The future is OPEN SOURCE

And we'd love for you to join us in embracing it

After years of crafting the products you rely on every day, we believe the best use of our technology is to share it. Sounds crazy, right? Keep scrolling…

What do we mean by open source?

Our suite of products are getting tailored for their big debut. Investors will obtain a complete drawings and design package, plus the license to manufacture for your own use:


Part drawings, weldments, assembly drawings, test plans, load charts, and transport profiles!

design pack

Calculations, user guides and manuals

CAD files

2D &3D CAD .dwg, .dxf, .stp files are included where applicable

We’re doing this for you

Because when we work together we can achieve great things!
Crystal Dieleman
General Manager
When you win, we win

We're embarking on a mission to revolutionize the crane industry by democratizing our expertise. Because when we share knowledge, we amplify our collective potential to achieve extraordinary feats. We aim to establish a new standard for the products you use every day. Let these products be the base that continues to fuel improvement across the board. This move also enables us to simplify our offerings and focus on unique and custom projects.

Our AllStar product lineup

The things you use daily are about to become more accessible than ever

Spreader Bars




Outrigger Mats


Boom Dollies

Product Spotlight

The entire product line... see what you get!

End Caps


Personnel Baskets


Lifting Beams


Telescoping Bars

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